Most programs, games, or applications use a dynamically-connected library. It contains the components necessary for system operation in the form of DLL files. If you decide to print something in a browser line or in a regular document, the DLL will be used. When you connect a flash card, mobile or printer, this library will be used. It is important to understand that all files are in the root folder of the system and are used regularly by a large number of programs. Each of them can make its own changes: overwrite or delete part of the files on failure. In this case, the system will throw an error: there is no DLL file, or its version is obsolete. But, in most cases, there are simply no files, because the program or game, it requires just new files that were not in the system (it is important for new games).

How to solve the problem with the lack of files?

A dynamic DLL library is usually installed with the operating system, and if its components are damaged, do not rush to reinstall Windows. The program request works as follows: you start the application, and the search for all components in the list begins. When the system does not find the file, the search stops immediately, and a window is displayed: a DLL error. You can solve the problem in several ways: download DLL files for Windows 7/8/10 or completely update the library package. The most popular is DirectX, Visual Studio, Visual C ++, with the help of them, you can solve problems in most cases

The first method is the most common and faster by time, but it only helps if one or more files are missing. For example, you found the file and added it to the library, then followed the instructions and after restarting the game started again. It is very likely that the problem should be resolved; but if the files for the games are not all working, the search will be terminated again. In this case, you need to completely update the library. The DLL component belongs to one of the libraries, by its name you can determine which one, and download it.

What you need to know before uploading files

Before you download DLL files or the entire library, you need to select the system capacity, this is very important. The name of the final folder for file allocation directly depends on the bit depth. How to install a DLL file you can read on the page, in which this process is described in as much detail.