The Adobe products are very popular. One of their libraries is amtlib.dll. This file is known because of frequent errors. Adobe Photoshop CS6 often suffers from a similar issue. The error text is “the program can’t Start. Missing file amtlib.dll”. Usually users do not know what mistake they see and what to do with it. The problem with the dynamic library appears if it has been deleted or modified. Particularly pirated copies of Photoshop are affected by the error amtlib.dll. Hackers modify the original library to their needs. Antivirus perceives the changed code as a malware and sends it to quarantine or removes. The file can be returned from quarantine and added to exclusions.

If amtlib.dll has been removed, there are two ways to correct the situation:

  • Reinstall the program
  • Download amtlib.dll

Try to remove and reinstall the Adobe product, which gives an error. It is likely that a dynamic library amtlib.dll this time will be fine and the error will not happen again. If you are using a jailbroken version of the program, this method will not help. What to do if you reinstalled the app, but the problem remained? On our website you can download the latest version of the dll for any program, for example, amtlib.dll for Photoshop.

After downloading, the file should be placed in the correct folder. Before doing this find out what version of Windows you have on your computer. This can be done by right click on the shortcut “My computer”. Select “Properties” and find there a column “system Type”, which indicates the bit width. In 32 bit system folder is called System32 and the dll is in the root Windows directory. If you have a 64 bit version, locate the SysWOW64 folder in the same directory. Once the dll is in the right place and will pass the registration, the problem would be fixed.

Download amtlib.dll

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