Grand Theft Auto: Criminal Russia is version of the legendary game, offering not only single mode but also a fun multiplayer, you need just to download the appropriate supplement. Often, the game launch is impossible because of an error adapt.dll. It appears if your computer does not have this file, or it is there, but corrupted or changed. Unscrupulous installer or antivirus could damage the library. If when installing the game, the original file will be replaced with the modified version, the antivirus probably deem him a threat and take appropriate action.

If adapt.dll is moved to quarantine, it is not necessary to download from the Internet, you can simply restore the library to its place. After that, it is important to add the file to exceptions, otherwise the situation will repeat. Adapt.dll is damaged as a result of the impact of any program. The user may incorrectly delete adapt.dll.

What can be done to troubleshoot:

  • Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015
  • Download file adapt.dll

First try to reinstall GTA. If the installer contains the necessary library, it is likely that this time it will be fine. The error popped up again? Just try to find another version of the game, it is possible to be installed correctly. There is a more effective method — download adapt.dll for the crmp. It should be placed in the game folder or in the Windows system directory. You can download the current version of adapt.dll on this site. Put downloaded library in the root game folder and try to start it. The error persists? So it is necessary to put adapt.dll in folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64 for 64 bit systems or C:\Windows\System32 for Windows x32. Register dll using Run and reboot the system. Error will no longer appear.

Download adapt.dll

  • OS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Bit 32/64bit
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