When you start the game you see an error message of this kind: “File d3d11.dll was not found. Try reinstalling the application”. Library d3d11.dll is a part of Direct3D which is responsible for a three-dimensional image in games. It is a component of DirectX. Installers of licensed games already contain this package, but the pirate packs don’t always install it. Sometimes they offer to install DirectX after installing the game, and sometimes its just not. Error d3d11.dll suggests that this library is corrupted, deleted, moved, or not installed. The library was able to modify the games downloaded from torrents. In this case d3d11.dll only works for that game that changed it or it is damaged. Modified dll can be blocked by antivirus program. If you found d3d11.dll in quarantine, you can get it out of there, if you are sure that it is not infected. Then mark it as an exception to your antivirus hasn’t put it back at the first activity. In the case when there is no file, it must be returned to the computer. There is a complex and individual approach to this issue.

Here they are, the most correct:

  • Download and install DirectX.
  • Download file d3d11.dll

Now you understand what kind of error you have on the computer, it remains only to fix it. A simple and reliable way to do this is to install on your computer new version of DirectX. Current installer package you can download from here. The DirectX installation will install all the DLLs of this useful package. Thus, it will fix not only the current problem but also future errors.

Error continues to bother you? Then try to load the library and to register it in the system. Download file d3d11.dll for Windows 10/8/7/XP. Put it in the SysWOW64 folder in the root Windows folder if you use 64 bit operating system. For Windows x86, find the System32 folder. Register that dll and the error will disappear.

Download d3d11.dll

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