Game developers everywhere are using the DirectX files. If one of them is not, then the game will not start, and if the library is corrupted, then the error can pop up right during the game. One of the common issues is “missing file d3dx11_43.dll”. That error prevents you to enjoy the game? One of the system libraries have been removed, changed or not installed. All required files must be installed along with the game, but it is characteristic only for licensed versions. Downloading games from torrents, you can’t be sure that the application will install everything you need. Pirate packs modify the library for themselves, then other games can’t use them. But error d3dx11_43.dll occurs also in licensed products. To resolve the problem, the library must be returned to its place.

There are different methods of returning the file:

  • Install DirectX
  • Download d3dx11_43.dll

To start, try to install the DirectX 11 pack – containing d3dx11_43.dll. You can download the latest version of this program here. The advantage of installing a package that it will download all of the DirectX libraries, so you can protect yourself from mistakes in future. After installing the program, be sure to restart the computer. Now try to run the game, it should work.

In rare cases, the error d3dx11_43.dll remains even after installing DirectX. Then you should download this library and add it in Windows. Download file d3dx11_43.dll for Windows 7/8/10/ from here. However, not enough to download it on the computer, the library should be placed in the appropriate directory and registered. Folder for the dll is different for different types of operating systems. For Windows x32 it is C:\Windows\System32 and for x64 – C:\Windows\SysWOW64. After putting the file in correct directory and registering it test the game.

Download d3dx11_43.dll

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