Every gamer encounters an error related to the lack or damage of dll files. One of the most common reports that the computer is missing D3dx9_26.dll. This library is part of DirectX, which is responsible for processing graphics hardware. Without a file D3dx9_26.dll modern games refuse to work. It can be removed by a virus or antivirus, library could be damaged by a power failure or when installing new games. Error D3dx9_26.dll is fixable, it is only necessary to resume the normal operation of DirectX. This will require:

  • Download file D3dx9_26.dll
  • Download and install DirectX

Easier and faster is just to download the library D3dx9_26.dll and put in system folder. It is important to download the dll files from a trusted source not to catch the virus. Trusted version of D3dx9_26.dll you can download for Windows 7/8/10 on our website. After the library will be on your hard drive, it should be placed in the system folder and registered. If you have a 32 bit copy of Windows, then put the file in the folder C:\Windows\System32, if 64, then in C:\Windows\SysWOW64. Then reboot the system and try again to run the game. In most cases this will be enough to fix an error.

However, sometimes the error “missing D3dx9_26.dll” disappears, but in its place comes another one, the same, changing only the name of the library. In this case you can install the latest version of DirectX. It is best to download it from the Microsoft site, it is free. The installation of the full package will replace not only the file D3dx9_26.dll but other DirectX libraries. After installation is complete, restart the computer. Plus of this method is that it completely solves the problem with the dll files from DirectX.

Download d3dx9_26.dll

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