When you start the game you see the error d3dx9_27.dll that advises you to reinstall the application? If you follow the advice to reinstall the game, the situation is unlikely to change. On the computer there is no file d3dx9_27.dll or it is damaged. This library is a component of DirectX and is involved in processing three-dimensional graphics. Without it, you may have problems with many popular games. File d3dx9_27.dll could be damaged by a third party program. Unlicensed games often alter the dll files to suit their needs, after which they are unable to function normally. But, even if you use only the official versions of games, error d3dx9_27.dll may appear on your screen. The easiest way to fix it in that case is if the file was moved to the quarantine antivirus. Then simply return the library from quarantine and add to exceptions.

If d3dx9_27.dll is deleted or changed, restore it:

  • Download and install DirectX
  • Download d3dx9_27.dll

To install the entire package is a reliable method of eliminating errors. You will get all the DirectX library, which will help to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Download the latest version of the package from our portal. After downloading, run the installer and follow its instructions. Then reboot the system and try to run the troubled games. It should run.

If reinstalling DirectX does not help, then you can manually put d3dx9_27.dll in the system folder. Download d3dx9_27.dll for Windows 7/8/10 from here. After downloading view the type of operating system in control Panel->System. For 32-bit copy of Windows place the file in C:\Windows\System32 and for x64 the folder is C:\Windows\SysWOW64. Register the dll and try to run the program with an error. It probably will work.

Download d3dx9_27.dll

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