PES and NFS game series, like many others, often suffer from errors D3dx9_30.dll. In this case, when you start the game you see a message that the file is missing, damaged or it has failed to be addressed to. Usually all the libraries for the game are installed along with it, but not always. D3dx9_30.dll is included in the DirectX package that comes with any serious game.

The most likely causes of error:

  • The library has been removed by virus or antivirus
  • When you have installed the new game file was replaced
  • Your DirectX version is outdated

If you have this error, there are 2 options of what to do. To be sure to solve the issue and avoid similar troubles in the future, download DirectX from the Microsoft page. After installing it and restarting the computer everything should work fine. This method is especially good if there are no other dlls from the DirectX package. In this case, they will all be installed all new and the old version will be replaced with a new one. How to install DirectX? Everything is simple, you need only confirm the license agreement and press next until the installation is completed.

If after installing the whole package, the game continues to complain about corrupted or missing D3dx9_30.dll then you need to download the file and put it in its proper place. If the library is already there, just replace it. In 32 bit system you will need the System32 folder and in the 64 bit – SysWOW64 folder. They are in the root folder of the Windows. You can download D3dx9_30.dll for Windows 7/8/10 from our site, the file has been checked and does not contain any viruses. Then register the dll and restart the computer. If this does not work, then the problem is probably in the game, try to reinstall it. Pirate versions sometimes replace the original library on suspicious, which leads to a failure of DirectX. If you installed the official version of the game, then it should work.

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