GTA and Sims series games has gained immense popularity among gamers. Unfortunately, from time to time errors with D3dx_31.dll occur. This library is part of DirectX and is responsible for the fullscreen mode in video games. If the computer is missing a file D3dx9_31.dll or it is damaged, you will not be able to enjoy your favorite game. This is particularly relevant issue for those who prefer to download games via torrents. Packs and Repacks can change the default library, then the antivirus safely sends them to quarantine. The modified file is not always able to properly interact with the game, as a result an error occurs. In the licensed versions of games all the required libraries are usually installed together with the game, but sometimes the error D3dx9_31.dll happens with them too. What to do if this trouble happened to you?

To correct the error are the following ways:

  • Download D3dx9_31.dll for Windows 7,8,10
  • Reinstall DirectX

The best way to deal with the problem is just downloading the library D3dx9_31.dll from the Internet. After downloading it you need to put it in the correct folder, which varies depending on the bitness of the operating system. Working file download for game Sims 3 or GTA you can downloaв from here. After the dll will appear on your hard drive, it is necessary to put it in your system folder and register. After that, please restart the computer and try to boot the problematic application.

Perhaps you will see a new error with a different dll from the DirectX package. So it makes sense to re-install the whole package. It is free, the best source is the Microsoft website, links to which are on our website. No need to think with how to install DirectX, just click next. Installation of the latest package version will replace all files, so the problem with D3dx9_31.dll and other libraries will be solved for sure.

Download d3dx9_31.dll

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