When the user of the computer or laptop, gets a message “file missing d3dx9_32.dll” that means there’s a problem. When you encounter such an error, as a rule, the DirectX library file has been deleted or has not been installed. The result of these actions can be registry errors, crashing HDD, third-party program or game is deleted or changed file.

The message text can be like this:

  • Specified module not found.
  • The file is not compatible with the version of Windows.
  • Error d3dx9 32 dll during installation.
  • Access violation and other.

Such notification of errors appear when you run the application or games, most often on Windows 7,8 and 10. The DirectX files represent the firmware, using which many programs use the same functions. The library is located separately from programs that use it. This fact is convenient for software developers, but gives vulnerability to the dll file. File d3dx9_32.dll is needed in work of multimedia applications. Audio and video drivers can address to it in the processing of sound and images.

What to do and how to fix the problem:

  • Install the full DirectX package.
  • Download d3dx9_32.dll if the problem is with one file.

Installation of the complete package of libraries takes place in steps, a simple and intuitive interface is used. The user must specify the installation path and wait for extraction of files. Only one file to download d3dx9_32.dll for Windows 10/7/8 is much easier and faster. After reading the article you now know how to solve the error of DirectX.

Download d3dx9_32.dll

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