If you are running any game or program with 3D graphics that was released after 2004, the d3dx9_33 file is broken.the dll application will most likely not work. As a rule, the situation is the following: you start a game or a program — the system notifies you that there is no file with this name, and then the application closes.

The text in the pop-up window may be different. Operating system “Windows” may indicate that the file is unavailable, damaged, etc. In any case, this means that there is no access to key functions of DirectX 9. Therefore, 3D graphics cannot be processed and displayed correctly. Regardless of why the problem occurred, you should know how to fix it as soon as possible.


Here’s what to do when these messages appear:

  • The recommended option is to download the DirectX package installer
  • You can also download d3dx9_33 separately.dll-spend less time.

Installation of DirectX 9 software package is automatic — you do not need to do anything. If any of the dynamic libraries are corrupted or missing, they will be restored. If you decide to download d3dx9_33.dll for Windows 7/8/10, it will need to be copied or moved to the system directory.

Keep in mind that the directory address depends on the operating system version and whether it is 32 — bit or 64 – bit. If you do everything correctly, problematic programs and games will start to run normally. If the system reports that it lacks other DirectX 9 files, download and reinstall the entire package.

Download d3dx9_33.dll

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  • Bit 32/64bit
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