Decided to play some computer game, but you are stopped by the error d3dx9_34.dll? Let’s look at what kind of error you have on the computer and what to do with it. The fact is that you are missing one of the libraries of Microsoft DirectX. If the developers used it when creating the game, without it you will see an error “missing d3dx9_34.dll” even at startup. Dynamic libraries often suffer from install programs downloaded from torrents. Pirates modify dll, leading them into disrepair. Code of modified dll is detected by antivirus programs as malware, so they often delete these files. Sometimes antivirus hinders the work of a dynamic link library. So you need to add it to the list of trusted files, and then it will work. Look for d3dx9_34.dll in quarantine. If it’s there, return it and mark as exception.

In cases when file is corrupted or deleted, to fix the bug, you can:

  • Download dynamic library d3dx9_34.dll
  • Install/reinstall DirectX

The installation of the whole package of libraries takes time, much faster is to download the missing dll and integrate it into the system. Here you can download file d3dx9_34.dll freely for Windows 7/8/10. When the download is finished, place the library in a system folder. In what? Depending on your operating system. For Windows x86 the folder you need is C:\Windows\System32 and for x64 – SysWOW64 folder in the same directory. When d3dx9_34.dll will reach its destination, you need to register it.

Did not help? Install the whole DirectX package, which you will also find on our website. It’ll certainly solve the problem. When the installation is complete, you must restart your computer. Check the problem game for errors, it will scarcely appear again.

Download d3dx9_34.dll

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