Instead of playing the game you see a box that says “file missing d3dx9_37.dll” and try to figure out what kind of error prevents you to enjoy the game? It’s the problem with one of the DirectX libraries. It appears when d3dx9_37.dll was deleted, corrupted, or modified. Pirate games often change important library in its sole discretion, then they are not willing to work. Moreover, the error will pop up in every game that uses a modified library. Antivirus programs do not like the pirate version of dll and remove them or lock up in quarantine. Reinstalling the game from the same source scarcely help to solve the problem. It might work, if you have problems with the licensed version of the game, as they usually include all the necessary libraries. Game from the torrent tracker may not have the necessary dll, or downloads its version of files.

To get rid of the error d3dx9_37.dll you can:

  • Download DirectX.
  • Download d3dx9_37.dll

The most reliable way is to download the latest version of DirectX and install it. This way, you will get all the important graphics libraries and can finally enjoy the desired game. The DirectX installation is very simple — click “continue” and restart the computer after. In most cases error d3dx9_37.dll will be fixed.

The problem with DirectX is left? So it is necessary to download the library and integrate it into the system. Download d3dx9_37.dll for Windows 7/8/10 from our portal. After downloading find out the bitness of your system. You can see it in control Panel->System under “system Type”. Then go to the root folder of Windows. Put d3dx9_37.dll in System32 if you have 32 bit version of Windows, in the x64 system, put the file in the SysWOW64 folder. Register it and then try to run the broken app. Everything should work fine.

Download d3dx9_37.dll

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