Error d3dx9_39.dll disturbs many gamers. Often they can’t understand what kind of error they face to and what to do with it. The problem is that the computer is missing the library d3dx9_39.dll. It could be removed by any program. Particularly affected are files from the pirate games that load the modified dll and replace their original versions. As a result, this library can only work in a particular game, and all the rest give an error d3dx9_39.dll. The modified library can be payed attention by the antivirus. It will be removed or quarantined. If you trust the source file, you can get it out of quarantine. It is important to add d3dx9_39.dll in exception, that it did not get back into circulation. It happens that the file is in place, but the error is still popping up? So, it is damaged and requires replacement. There are two methods how to fix the error:

  • Download d3dx9_39.dll
  • Download and install DirectX.

The fastest way to get rid of errors is to download d3dx9_39.dll from the Internet. Thus you will return the original version of the problem dll and solve the problem. Here you can download d3dx9_39.dll for Windows 7 free, it will be fine for later versions of Windows. It should be placed in the folder C:\Windows\System32 for 32 bit systems, or C:\Windows\SysWOW64 if you use a 64-bit version of Windows. To know what your operating system you can click right mouse button on “My computer” and select “Properties”. In the menu that appears, locate the column “system Type”, there will be needed information.

What to do if the download of d3dx9_39.dll not helped? Then install the DirectX package, which includes the problem library. You can download it on our website. This will not only fix your current error, but also prevent the emergence of new ones related to DirectX. After reinstalling, restart the computer and check the app, it should launch without error.

Download d3dx9_39.dll

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