You run applications that use DirectX 9 libraries and get a window that says “the program can’t start, the computer is missing a file D3dx9_43.dll”? So, the requested library is missing or corrupted. This problem is actual for many popular games, for example, for the game World of Tanks. Often the error text says that you need to reinstall the game but it likely will not help. Perhaps the game changed the DirectX library when installing, which led to disastrous results. Modified file D3dx9_43.dll may be difficult to interact with other libraries, or even be removed by the antivirus. Pirate games often replace system files, but error D3dx9_43.dll appears also on the official versions. There are 2 ways to solve the issue:

  • Reinstall DirectX
  • Download D3dx9_43.dll for Windows 7/8/10

What’s good in first option? It is more secure as it reduces the risk of downloading a virus to a minimum. When you reinstall DirectX there is less chance of his own to harm your computer. To download the package is preferably from Microsoft website, there are stable version there. After downloading, install DirectX, just click “next” during installation. On completion you’ll need to reboot to changes take effect. This method installs all the necessary libraries, thereby helping to avoid further errors in DirectX libraries.

Sometimes even reinstalling the whole package doesn’t help. What to do in this case? You need to download the library D3dx9_43.dll and put in the correct folder. Check the version of the file available on our website. After the library is in its place, register it and reboot. Try to run the game, which caused an error, it should work. Now you know what kind of error is D3dx9_43.dll and for you will not be difficult to fix it.

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