When you run one of the popular games such as GTA San Andreas, Stalker or Mass Effect often appears a common error “missing file eax.dll”. If you see a similar window, it means that your computer does not have this important library. It is not included in the standard set of Windows, but games that use it usually load eax.dll and other files of this package during installation. But, if you installed a pirate version of the game downloaded from a torrent tracker, there is no guarantee that all the required libraries are installed. Even if the hacked game loads eax.dll it’s not the fact that the file is not corrupted. Antivirus programs do not like modified dll and often remove them or send to quarantine. What to do if eax.dll is in quarantine? Return it to its place through the interface of the antivirus and add in exceptions. Unfortunately, more often the library is deleted or corrupted.

To correct the error in this case:

  • Reinstall the game
  • Download file eax.dll

Firstly reinstall the problematic application. If you’re using a licensed game, it will certainly help. It is likely that at the first installation eax.dll was crooked, but the reinstallation will fix it. Reinstallation of pirate repack does not make sense, because, most likely, it led to an error. You can try to download another build and install it.

Downloading eax.dll is a reliable way to get rid of the error. It will not help only in case if other dll files are missing. Download eax.dll for GTA San Andreas and other games from our portal. When the file is at your hard drive, put it in the right folder in the root directory of Windows. For x64 it is SysWOW64 and for 32 bit it’s System32 folder. Register using “Run” and do a reboot. Now try to start the affected game. If you know what kind of error eax.dll and why it occurs, it will be easy to fix it.

Download eax.dll

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  • Bit 32/64bit
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