When you try to run the game, you see a message stating that “file missing fmodex.dll”? Do not worry, this problem can be easily fixed. To start with, you need to understand what is error fmodex.dll and why it occurs.

There are several main reasons:

  • The activity of the antivirus
  • Third-party program changed the file
  • The library was removed

Sometimes, the antivirus program recognizes one of the system libraries as the virus and apply to it the appropriate measures. If fmodex.dll was quarantined, it can be easy restored from there. Don’t forget then to add the file to exceptions to the antivirus again. Most libraries suffer from installation of cracked games. They load their own version of the dll or not load any, even those that we need for the game. Sometimes as a result of the activities of any programs libraries are deleted. To fix the error, you need to download fmodex.dll and integrate it in Windows.

But, firstly you need to know the version of your operating system, as this determines the folder in which you’ll put fmodex.dll. You can do this in control panel->System. There under “system Type” will be written the bitness of your copy of Windows. If you have a 64-bit version of the system, put the dll in the SysWOW64 folder in the root folder of the Windows. For 32-bit Windows find the System32 folder. On our portal it is possible to download fmodex.dll for windows 7/8/10. When the library is in place, register it. After the registration, restart the computer in order for your actions to take effect. The error should disappear. If it remains, try to reinstall the problematic game. If that doesn’t work and you are using an unofficial version of the app, then you can look for games on other sources, as this one is probably corrupted.

Download fmodex.dll

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