Sometimes when you install the game in Windows 7, 8, 10 you get an error isdone.dll. The message claims “Unarc.dll returned error code:” followed by the error number, usually 1,6,7,12,14. In the bottom of the window the cause of the problem is written, if it is “failed CRC Check”, then most likely it’s a corrupted installation file and it should be downloaded again. More common are errors of the type “archive data corrupted (decompression fails)”. In this case the problem is in the computer and the error in the future may be received when you install another game. File isdone.dll is one of the library packages of Inno Setup, which is responsible for unpacking archives. Error typically occurs when installing the Repack, as their creators often resort to exotic compression algorithms. Also, the volume of files are too large and the system fails to extract them.

To fix the error isdone.dll you can:

  • Download a new version of the archiver
  • Check whether there’s enough free space on the disk
  • Rename the installation path
  • Download isdone.dll

The first thing to try is to download the archiver. Good free program is 7zip, but WinRar and WinZip work just as well. For reliability you can put a few different archivers. Sometimes, if an error occurred while unpacking or installing, you need to watch the archive path and the installation directory. If there are Russian names, they should be replaced by English — it may solve the problem.

Sometimes you can correct the error by temporarily disabling firewall and antivirus but this way you risk of catching the virus. You can also try to install the problematic file on another computer, if you have the opportunity. If nothing helps, then you can download isdone.dll for Windows 7/8/10 x64 or x32. The downloaded file should be put in system folder, which depends on your version of Windows. It should be noted that this rarely helps to solve the problem, but in some cases can be useful. Now you know what to do to fix the error isdone.dll, one of these methods will certainly help.

Download isdone.dll

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