Many gamers are faced with the error “missing file libeay32.dll”. This is a dynamic library, which is necessary for encryption of the TCP/IP protocol. It is used in many applications, including in such popular games like World of Tanks and World of Warcraft. Do not be upset if this problem have appeared, it can be easy to solve it.

The causes of error usually are:

  • The carelessness of the user
  • The installation of pirate games and programs
  • Antivirus

An inexperienced user may accidentally delete a dynamic library. Application from torrent tracker could damage libeay32.dll or change it. If the file was modified, it is likely to impair the work of those programs and games that use it. Changing system libraries leads to the fact that they drew the attention of antivirus. It can block the activity of the dll file, delete it or move to quarantine. If the file is in right place, try to add it to the antivirus and firewall exceptions. There’s no Libeay32.dll on the computer? Then look for it in the quarantine. If found, return to the place through the interface of your antivirus program and add to trusted files.

In case when the dynamic library is corrupted or deleted, you should download libeay32.dll and put in the correct folder. So you return the game or program to a working state. Download file libeay32.dll for Windows 7/8/10 from our portal. When downloading the library is completed, find out the type of your operating system. You can look for it in control Panel->System. There in the line “system Type” you will find the bitness of your copy of Windows. Go to the Windows directory. Put libeay32.dll in the folder SysWOW64, if you use a 64-bit system. For x86 Windows find the System32 folder. Register using “Run”. Ready, error will not appear.

Download libeay32.dll

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