When the game starts many are faced with the error “missing file mfc100u.dll”. It indicates that the computer is missing one of the important system libraries. File mfc100u.dll is included in the package of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, which is typically installed with the program using it. But the pirate game packs do not always download C++ components. Even if the game torrents install the library mfc100u.dll it’s not the fact that it will work. Hacked applications download modified dll, which can then fail or get into the hands of antivirus. Protective programs perceive the modified libraries as a threat and remove them. You can add a folder with cracked game on exclusions, but then you get the risk of catching the virus. Installation of the repack can not only change mfc100u.dll but to damage it or even remove. To fix the error you can:

  • Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010.
  • Download mfc100u.dll

The installation of the whole package is a long process, but you will receive a full set of dynamic libraries. You can download the correct version of Microsoft Visual C++ at our website, you don’t have to search for it online. After installing the package, be sure to restart the computer and check the problematic game. The error is to go away.

You can also try to download the required library and to integrate it into the system. You can download mfc100u.dll Windows 7/8/10 on our website. After downloading the file, decide where to put it. Dynamic libraries are stored in one of the folders in the Windows directory. To understand exactly where to put mfc100u.dll find out the bitness of your operating system. To do this, click the right mouse button on “My computer” and go to “Properties”. In the column “system Type” you will find the information you need. For x86 Windows find the System32 folder, and for x64 – SysWOW64. Register the library and check the program.

Download mfc100u.dll

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