If trying to play the game, you stumble upon a window that says that the program can’t start because of lack of mscvr120.dll — so you have modified or deleted the Visual C++ 2013. Even if it is on your computer, it does not mean that the library mscvr120.dll is in its place and functioning properly. It could be corrupted or deleted by malware. With the installation of unlicensed games, it is likely that they will change the file and then it will be deleted by antivirus. If the computer is missing a file msvcr120.dll it can affect not only games, but other applications written in C++.

There are 2 recovery options of this library:

  • Install or reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2013
  • Download msvcr120.dll

Firstly try to install Visual C++. It can be found on the Microsoft website, where it is called “Redistributable packages Visual C++ for Visual Studio 2013”. After downloading the installer, run it and follow the instructions and complete the installation, remember to restart the computer. Likely after that the error with msvcr120.dll will not disturb you, but, in some cases, it remains even after a complete reinstall of Visual C++. If the error is not gone, then you need to manually replace the problem file.

Download library msvcr120.dll for Windows 7/8/10 from our website. The downloaded file must be placed in the system folder and registered. It certainly eliminates the error msvcr120.dll. Remember that it should be done only if method 1 did not help. In the system may be missing several C++ libraries. To replace them manually is a long and illogical exercise. In most cases problem is solved by the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2013, which contains all the necessary libraries.

Download mscvr120.dll

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