File Mss32.dll is needed to play sound in multimedia applications, especially those using Miles Sound System. If the library is not on your computer, some games refuse to run, displaying an error. This is especially the case with games of GTA series and Call of Duty. After all, if Windows doesn’t find at least one specific library, it will not run the application.

There are few reasons for the error:

  • The file has been deleted or corrupted by virus
  • The antivirus has deleted a library
  • Third-party music player has made changes to the file
  • The game has changed Mss32.dll when being installed

Usually, when you install the game to your computer it installs all the necessary libraries. This does not happen, if the game is taken from a dubious source. However, even if the app contains a library Mss32.dll it does not mean that the error will not appear. Antivirus sometimes takes the game libraries for viruses and removes them, resulting in you will see a message “missing Mss32.dll”. Some audio players such as Winamp, can change the library to suit their needs, after which it will be unfit for the game. You can reinstall the problematic game in hope that it will rewrite Mss32.dll but it helps rarely.

The best solution is to download the file Mss32.dll. It would help if the library is missing on your computer or it is corrupted. Download Mss32.dll for Windows 7/8/10 from our website. Here you will find the latest version of the file, checked by antivirus. After downloading you need to determine the bitness of your copy of Windows and put the dll in the appropriate place in the root folder of the system. Then register the library and do a reboot. Check problem application, the error should disappear. If the problem persists, it is likely the cause is in the game. Reinstalling the game or DirectX for Windows can help.

Download mss32.dll

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