Visual Basic language was developed long ago, today has almost no use. However, small apps and games such as “minesweeper”, “fool” or checkers can be written in basic. When you run one of these programs popps up an error that says “missing msvbvm50.dll. App launch is impossible”? Don’t worry, this problem is easily solved.

Error msvbvm50.dll fixing methods:

  • Download file msvbvm50.dll separately
  • Download official utility of Visual Basic 5.0, which does everything for you.

The user is not easy to get to the system libraries, but sometimes an inexperienced person finds them and deletes, taking them for the rubbish. Look for the file msvbvm50.dll in the recycle bin. If it is there, return it and, in any case, add to the antivirus exceptions. Protective programs sometimes remove the dynamic libraries, taking them for viruses. You can search for msvbvm50.dll in quarantine, these files often end up in there. If you find a cherished library, then remove it from quarantine and add to trusted files. In some cases, the error appears due to the installation of unverified software or games. This application can corrupt or delete msvbvm50.dll at the installation, then none of the programs written in Basic will not work.

The error arises from the fact that an important system file is missing. Therefore to make it work, you need to return it back. You can download library msvbvm50.dll for Windows 7/8/10 on our website. Smaller file size, so download will not take much time. Just downloading msvbvm50.dll is not enough, it needs to be put in one of the folders in the Windows directory. It is the System32 folder for 32 bit copy of Windows or a directory SysWOW64 for 64-bit versions. It is necessary not only to put the library in place, but to register it in the registry. After that the program runs without error.

Download msvbvm50.dll

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  • Bit 32/64bit
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