After downloading the utility to your computer and trying to run it, you may encounter a problem because of the msvcr70 file.dll. According to the information published by users, BitrateViewer and some other service applications may not start, indicating that there is no file with this name.

This library is included in the list of Redistributables in Visual C++ 2012, so many applications may need its functionality. Knowing how to fix a known problem will save you time and allow you to use the installed programs without any inconvenience.


Here’s what to do in this situation:

  • Download the MS Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 installer.
  • If you do not want to wait too long, you can download the dll separately.

By running the installation of the entire software package, you will be spared the need to do anything — all damaged or missing DLL will be restored by yourself. However, the process can take some time.

To do it quickly, you can download msvcr70.dll for Windows and register the file in the system yourself. First of all, do not forget to put it in the system directory “Windows” at the desired address after the download. It depends on what version and bit depth your OS has.

If you continue to have problems with other files of this software package — reinstall it entirely by downloading the proprietary installer from Microsoft.

Download msvcr70.dll

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  • Bit 32/64bit
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