Sometimes, when you run some program pops up an error informing you that “file is missing msvcr80.dll”. This library is included in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010. Files are used by applications written in one of the languages of the C family. If the developer used some kind of library when creating the game then to run it the library needs to be on the computer. Error mscvr80.dll arises from the fact that the file was corrupted or deleted. There are cases when a pirated game changes the library when installing and all applications that use it, issue an error. The Standard pack of Windows includes components of Microsoft Visual C++, but in minimum quantity. Licensed games are sure to install all the required packages, but some repacks from torrents can be downloaded without them. Activities of hacked games often lead to the damage of mscvr80.dll or rewrite its code that antivirus may consider malicious. In this case, the file will be deleted or quarantined. If you trust the source of the program, you can add the library to exceptions and to return it from the quarantine. If the source is questionable, you should not do this.

Better return the file in place in that way:

  • Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
  • Download msvcr80.dll

It is safest to install all components of Visual C++. If you install only the problematic dll, then it is likely to get an error with another library. Download the current version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 from our website and install it. Check program with an error.

The problem remained? Then you need to download the file msvcr80.dll from this resource and register it in the system. For Windows x32 put the library in the System32 folder in the root Windows directory. If you have a 64 bit operating system, you will need the SysWOW64 folder in the same directory. When the file will be in its place, carry out the procedure of its registration in the system and run the application, it will work. Now you know what kind of error msvcr80.dll is, good luck in fixing it.

Download msvcr80.dll

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