Damage or deletion of the file ntdll.dll entails a lot of unpleasant consequences. The system uses this library to compare, copy, move and for many other useful things. Error related to the lack or damage of ntdll.dll usually occur during the installation or operation of the program incompatible with Windows 7. These programs do not run and lead to a number of errors in the system, sometimes even to failures in the work of the explorer. The library itself can be damaged due to abrupt shutdown of the computer or infection by a virus.

Here are a few suggestions on how to fix the error ntdll.dll:

  • Run in compatibility mode
  • Removal of problematic program
  • Downloading ntdll.dll

If the problem affects one program and not interfere with the rest, then most likely, it addresses to an older version of the file ntdll.dll. In this case, you should go to the properties of the problematic file and select there the tab “Compatibility”. In it check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select Windows XP (service pack 3). It is also advisable to check the “Run this program as administrator”.

Often incompatible program not only works poorly, but also interferes with the normal operation of other apps. In this case it is important to find and remove the problematic product. Remember that failures can be caused by even drivers, as well as a new version of program, the old version of which worked fine. You need to gradually remove programs one by one until the problem disappears. Restart your computer after each removal. If the library is corrupted or missing, then you can try to manually install it in your system folder. Download file ntdll.dll for Windows/7/8/10 x32 x64 from here. Replacement of the corrupted file should probably solve the problem, but it is a last resort, firstly try the first two methods.

Download ntdll.dll

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