In recent years, the Grand Theft Auto series is gaining its popularity with the release of new parts of the game. However, the most successful remains GTA San Andreas, which still attracts millions of gamers. Not all of them want to buy the game, much easier is to download it from a torrent tracker. Lovers of free games are often confronted with the error ogg.dll. It POPs up when you launch GTA and does not allow you to enjoy your favorite game. What is the error ogg.dll and what to do with it? It arises in case the computer is missing a file ogg.dll. The game will not start if it is corrupted or changed, and a pirate version of GTA often change the code of the system libraries. Besides, an antivirus program may take a modified file for the virus and delete it or move to quarantine. You can get ogg.dll from quarantine and return it to the place, but then you have to add it to the antivirus exceptions. To make the game to start, you need to return ogg.dll.

It can be done in two ways:

  • Reinstall the game
  • Download ogg.dll for GTA San Andreas

Reinstallation certainly helps if the error popped up in the official version of the game. If you downloaded GTA from the torrent tracker, it makes no sense to reinstall the application from the same installer, try to find another pack. After reinstalling you can see all the same window with the error?

So you need to download the library ogg.dll. It can be done on our website. The file should be put in the root folder of the game. To find it, just right click on the shortcut and go to Properties. There in the “Object” field will be spelled out the path to the directory with the game. If you placed the dll in the right folder, but the game does not work, put it in one of the system folders in the root directory of Windows. It System32 for 32 bit systems and SysWOW64 for 64. After checking the file and restarting the computer you will be able to enjoy the exciting world of GTA.

Download ogg.dll

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