OpenCL is the modern standard for processing graphics data and not only. One of its components is called opencl.dll. It’s often used when creating games and other multimedia applications. If the program needs this library, but can not find it, it will not start. Instead of the game you will see an error telling you that opencl.dll has been damaged or removed. The error text often contains the advice to reinstall the app. This should be done only in the case when you have problems with the license software.

Pirate apps are often culprits of the problem, so reinstalling will not solve the issue. Most likely, some questionable software removed opencl.dll when being installed or changed it. Perhaps there was a malfunction in the registry and the library needs to register. Innocent files sometimes become victims of security software. Very often the antivirus swears on the Packs and Repack from torrents. Antivirus program can remove opencl.dll, move it to quarantine or block. If the library is in its place, then try to add it to the trusted file list, sometimes it helps. Often dll is either corrupted or deleted.

To return it, you can:

  • Install OpenAL
  • Download opencl.dll

Error with opencl.dll popped up when running the licensed application? Then the reinstallation can solve the problem. When you install apps or games there is a possibility that the loaded libraries will be damaged or will not pass the registration procedure. Re-installation of application can correct the error. If it stayed, then you can download opencl.dll for Windows 10/7 or 8 from here. If you are using x64 Windows, place the downloaded file in C:\Windows\SysWOW64. Users of 32-bit system will need a folder C:\Windows\System32. When opencl.dll will take its right place, register it in the Windows registry. Then check the program, the error should no longer bother you.

Download opencl.dll

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