You run the game, but instead of playing see an error that complains that physxcudart_20.dll is missing. Often the message suggests reinstalling the application, but it is scarcely going to help. The culprit may be the installation of a hacked game or program. Repacks from torrent tracker usually contain a modified dll. Their code is perceived by security software as malicious and they take appropriate action. Often the antivirus deletes physxcudart_20.dll but sometimes moves it to quarantine. In this case it is simply to restore, but you need to add a library into exceptions to the situation is not repeated. Even if physxcudart_20.dll presents on the computer, it is not necessarily in working condition. Pirate games could damage the library. If there is no the whole package of PhysX, it is useless to download physxcudart_20.dll because after that will be popping up errors with other components.

To correct the error there are two different ways:

  • Install the package Nvidia PhysX
  • Download physxcudart_20.dll

Installing PhysX will probably correct the error with physxcudart_20.dll. This package from Nvidia contains a lot of useful libraries that will be useful to avid gamers. The program PhysX you can download from our website. After installation be sure to re-boot the system. Check the game, an error physxcudart_20.dll should not hinder you anymore.

If it continues bothering you, it is necessary to download the problematic dll and put it in the correct folder. Download file physxcudart_20.dll for Windows 7, 8, 10 from our portal. When it would be on your computer, go to the Windows directory. Put physxcudart_20.dll to the System32 folder for 32 bit system or in SysWOW64 if you’re running Windows x64. Don’t forget to register the file using “Run”. The problem with the library physxcudart_20.dll will not be bothering you anymore.

Download physxcudart_20.dll

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