StarForce system is designed to protect the games from unauthorised distribution. At first, it was able to keep wily hackers, but, over time, they have reached the result. The most popular games protected by StarForce are Stalker and Space Rangers. If you have installed official version of the game, the error won’t bother you. Hacked version sometimes gives the message “the file protect.dll not found”. The reason for it is the modified library, which is perceived as a threat by antivirus. The result is that protect.dll goes into quarantine or leaves your computer. If you are sure that the installed game does not contain viruses, you can return the library from quarantine and add game folder to exceptions. Game from torrents does not necessarily have a working version of the file protect.dll so you may have to download a lot of different repacks before you will find a working one. In some cases, the original file is also deleted.

This happens if:

  • You have Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • You manually deleted the file

Kaspersky anti-virus treats the file protect.dll as a threat, regardless of its origin. Even a licensed game does not always meet its requirements. Especially characteristic this mistake is for the game Stalker. If you want to play this masterpiece, then the folder will have to be added in exceptions. It happens that the inexperience user deletes important library, and then gets an error.

To solve the problem, you need to download protect.dll and place it in the root game folder or in Windows \ system folder. For reliability, you can put a library at both locations. On our website you can download relevant protect.dll for the game Stalker Clear Sky and other applications. If you have placed the library in the root directory of the game, but it does not start, try putting it in one of the folders in the Windows directory. In x64 system find SysWOW64 and in x32 – System32. The error will disappear after you’ll return the file to the place and register it.

Download protect.dll

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