A list of applications that require the qt5core dynamic link library to function.dll includes several programs, the name of which begins with Qt, and many applications written in C++ and not only on it. When you run such programs, you may receive an error, after which you will not be able to continue. Also, problems are possible in the process.

An error dialog box may indicate that a qt5core file is corrupted, not found, or missing.dll. You can also see a message that the entry point to a specific procedure in this file was not found. This is possible for different reasons. For example, a system failure has violated the file structure, or an application created through Qt Creator is launched without adding the necessary libraries to the distribution. Regardless of the version and bit depth of Windows, this problem is fairly easy to fix.

What to do if you receive a similar message:

  • Download qt5core.dll as a separate file.
  • Place the dynamic link library in the system folder.
  • If necessary, confirm the replacement.
  • Restart the computer.

Usually after this the problem is solved. However, some applications, if there are no libraries in the distribution, may require many other files for normal operation — you will have to download them all or just look for a more complete, high-quality distribution. However, if you only need to download qt5core.dll 64-bit Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (or 32-bit analogue), it will not take you much time.

Download qt5core.dll

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