Steam is a popular platform for buying games. Fans of digital battles frequently encountered problem when steam_api.dll is damaged or missing. Most often this occurs due to the installation of unlicensed games, which changes the library. After that, the antivirus sends the file steam_api.dll to quarantine, or the program simply refuses to work with the changed file. However, the error may appear even in the official version of the game, but in this case the message will be different.

The solution depends on the situation, there are several options:

  • Add the problem file to exceptions of antivirus system
  • Reinstall Steam
  • Download file Steam_api.dll

If you have antivirus, you first need to check if it sent steam_api.dll to the quarantine. If the file is in quarantine, but are you sure it is not infected, you can simply return it from quarantine and to add into the antivirus exceptions. This option is suitable mainly for those who uses pirate games. Another thing, if you install only official versions of games, and library steam_api.dll still have been changed. In this case you need to check the hard disk for viruses and reinstall Steam. To save your profile settings, go to C:\Program Files\Steam and copy the Steamapps folder and the file Steam.exe. After the reinstall put them back.

What to do if the error persists? Then you should download steam_api.dll and place it in the correct folder. This is an extreme measure which is relevant only if other methods have not helped. You can download Steam_api.dll for Windows 7/8/10 from our website. Don’t forget to register the file after placing it in system folder. After the problem game should work.

Download steam_api.dll

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