You run the game, but instead of playing you see the screen message “missing file vcomp100.dll. Try reinstalling the application”? Let’s find out what kind of error you have been faced with. The computer lacks one of the dynamic libraries that were used when writing games. Reinstall scarcely help to solve the problem. It will help if you have a licensed version of the game. If you downloaded the game from the torrent tracker, it could change vcomp100.dll or even remove it. Some of the compromised packs do not contain the required libraries, so you have to look for the packages with them by yourself. In this case, the problematic file is a component of Visual C++ 2010. It can be removed not only by defective pack of the game, but by antivirus. Look for vcomp100.dll in quarantine, if it is there then restore it. Don’t forget to add the folder with the file in exceptions so that the antivirus program again will not block it.

If the library is missing on your computer, you have 2 options what to do:

  • Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
  • Download vcomp100.dll

Firstly download to the computer package Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 that you can find on our website. By installing it, you will load all the necessary libraries. This will help to fix the error and to avoid this in future.

In most cases, the error vcomp100.dll disappears after installing Visual C++, but sometimes it POPs up even after this procedure. In this case you should try to download the library and put it in system folder or in the root directory of the game. The current version of the file you can download for Windows 7/10 here. If you have a 64 bit system, then put it in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and if 32, then C:\Windows\System32. To see the bitness of the operating system visit control Panel->System. Then register the dll and reboot. Now the game will start without problems.

Download vcomp100.dll

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