New games such as ARMA and GTA 5 fully use the capabilities of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. Gamers often encounter the error that says the program can’t start because there is no vcruntime140.dll. This library is part of Visual C++ for Windows. The game usually installs all the required libraries, but only if it is an official release. Repacks from torrents can set its suspicious libraries or not set any at all. Often antivirus software take files of Repacks for malware and remove them or move to quarantine. If vcruntime140.dll is in quarantine, you can simply restore it and add to exceptions. It’s more complicated if there is no file on the computer.

You can restore Vcruntime140.dll like this:

  • Download vcruntime140.dll
  • Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015.

The first method is simple and fast, but not always gives a positive result. Error vcruntime140.dll should be defeated if you return the library at place. This method will help if you have other dll files from package of Visual C++. You can download Vcruntime140.dll for Windows 7/8/10 from here. Where to put the downloaded file? It depends on your system. Right click on “My computer” and go to “Properties”. There in the line “system Type” is written the bitness of your copy of Windows. The needed folder is in the root directory of Windows, for x32 it is system32, and SysWOW64 for 64. After registering the dll and restarting the computer, start the problem program.

If the error persists, then there is 1 way to fix it. Reinstallation of Visual C++ will surely eliminate the pesky problem. This package you will also be able to download from our site. After installing it you will have all the C++ libraries, so that error won’t bother you again.

Download vcruntime140.dll

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