An error that occurs when working with a file that specifies information about that vorbis.dll was removed or changed. There is also a possability that the search engine of Windows cannot find the file. With the absence of this component in the computer are faced most of users who use applications like GTA San Andreas or Half-Life.

If you encounter problems with the Vorbis library, you first need to try to find out the reason of missing file vorbis.dll. Often the antivirus blocks or moves it to the trash. In such a situation the users often ask the question “What to do”.

Below we describe the algorithm for the solution of this question:

  • Download file vorbis.dll;
  • Install Directshow Filters for Ogg Vorbis
  • Update Windows with official software

Download vorbis.DLL for GTA San Andreas when in the trash and in the storage of the antivirus was not found desired file you need to install system software that contains the desired file. If you start the process of installing of the full package, which contains all the library components, thus significantly reducing the chance of occurrence of similar errors related to the file vorbis.dll.

Before you download vorbis.dll for Gta San Andreas for Windows, you must know how and where to put this file. The installation path depends on the bitness of the installed system. For 32-bit systems the path is in this address: C:\Windows\system32. In 64-bit installation path is specified like this: C:\Windows\SysWOW64.

Download vorbis.dll

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  • Bit 32/64bit
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