Gamers had been looking forward to the release of the fourth part of Doom. Unfortunately, many players were unable to enjoy the legendary shooting game because of an error vulkan-1.dll. This library participates in the image processing that’s why without it Doom 4 will not start. If you have installed official version of the game, the chance to see the error is minimal. Licensed game load all needed dll at installation, but it is likely that vulkan-1.dll become crooked or damaged. To solve the problem you can reinstall the game. Harder, if the game is downloaded from a torrent tracker. Pirate copy of Doom 4 does not necessarily contain everything you need. Even if it will install vulkan-1.dll it’s not the fact that this library will work. Antivirus programs don’t like pirate games and often remove their files, then the application does not start. Look for vulkan-1.dll in the trash. If it’s there, return it and add to exceptions. Similarly, it is possible to get the file from quarantine. The computer is missing vulkan-1.dll?

There are 2 options for how to fix the error:

  • Reinstall or update your graphics driver
  • Download vulkan-1.dll
  • Install the entire package vulkan-1.dll

The problematic library is usually included in the components of the graphics card driver. You have the old version? Download the latest and install it.

If after updating the error persists, uninstall the old video driver and install it again. Nothing has changed? So the file should be downloaded from the Internet. Free download vulkan-1.dll for Doom 4 and other games from our portal. When the library will be on your hard drive, place it in the system folder. Windows puts x32 dll to C:\Windows\System32 and the 64 bit system uses for this purpose a folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64. As soon as you’ll put vulkan-1.dll in the right folder, it should be registered. After that you will be able to enjoy the game.

Download vulkan-1.dll

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