The wdsutil command.dll — a dynamic link library file in Windows OS, available for free download on our website. File command wdsutil.problems, like other DLL files, is used to implement a common function of different applications (Dynamic libraries contain code used simultaneously by different programs. So, for example, there are dll-files that are responsible for the function of manipulations with program Windows: minimize, expand, close the window, move it. All applications running in window mode, turn to this library. Due to this, saving system resources.). Therefore, when the file is missing the wdsutil command.dll or it is damaged, may not work several programs and/or games.

How to fix a situation where you have problems with the wdsutil command file.dll? If you do not have the wdsutil command file on your system.problems, it makes sense to download it here and place it in the directory specified by us under this article. It is best to do this under system administrator rights, because in some versions of Windows, access to the specified system folder can be denied to users who do not have administrator rights.

By the way, the official blog of Microsoft recommends for problems with system dll files (and the command wdsutil.dll-library of the window itself) to” roll back ” the system using its restore point. However, firstly, you may not have such a point, and secondly, if you use a restore point, all the settings and applications that you have made and installed after its creation, can be irretrievably lost by you.

Thus, it is wiser to download the wdsutil command.the dll and install it in the system directory. Here you can download the command wdsutil.dll for Windows 7/8/10 is virus-free and totally free. But what if the file is just damaged, as the corresponding system warning tells us. Since wdsutil command.the dll file is not associated with any software package (i.e. it is pre-installed on the system and not installed with any program), in case of its damage the mechanism of action is as follows. We delete the damaged file (which can be done in safe mode), and then put in its place the file downloaded from our website, as described by us above.

To install the file manually:

  • For 64bit copy to C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 and in C: \ Windows \ syswow64;
  • For the 32bit copy in C: \ WINDOWS \ system32

Download wdsutil.dll

  • OS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Bit 32/64bit
  • Downloaded 18
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