If during the installation or running the app you get a message that the file Xlive.dll was not found, then you have a problem with Games for Windows Live. It was created by Microsoft as an analog of Steam, via it you can buy games and play them online and chat with like-minded people. Library Xlive.dll is an integral part of Games for Windows Live, which is involved in creating accounts. Problems with the client from Microsoft generally occur after the installation of unlicensed games. The installer can install the old version of the program, or change some of its files. Especially characteristic the error Xlive.dll is for Fallout 3 or Gta 4.

The problem can be solved in different ways, depending on the situation:

  • Install or reinstall Games for Windows package Software
  • Download Xlive.dll

The best way to get rid of the error Xlive.dll is to download and install the new version of Games for Windows Live. In this case you will install all the necessary libraries. If this package is already installed, remove it and install again. If you have the official version of the game, this maneuver will certainly solve the issue with the library Xlive.dll. Sometimes even reinstalling Games for Windows Live, a message appears stating that the computer is missing a file Xlive.dll. Especially great chance to get an error is when the game is from torrent.

So, we need to download the library Xlive.dll and put it in the correct folder. However, the service from Microsoft still needs to be installed, as another its libraries are needed. After Xlive.dll will take its place in the system folder, register it and restart the computer. This method is suitable for any version of Windows, the only thing that is different in 32-bit and 64-bit systems is the folder in which you need to put the file. If you did everything correctly, the error will not appear.

Download xlive.dll

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