Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers to date. Unfortunately, sometimes instead of it popping up a nasty bug. It says that the computer missing or damaged file xpcom.dll, resulting in the launch of the application is impossible. What was the cause of the failure? Usually it happens because of the failed installation of the browser or some other program. The error can be caused by  incorrect updating Firefox or installing one of the numerous add-ons. Antivirus program can remove xpcom.dll recognising it as a virus, and the user could accidentally remove useful file. The library is not necessarily missing on your computer, it can be damaged. Whatever the cause of the error, to fix it we need to restore a working version of xpcom.dll.

There are three ways to solve the situation:

  • Download xpcom.dll
  • Update Firefox
  • Reinstall Firefox

Firstly try manually to add a library to the system. You can download xpcom.dll for Firefox from this website. Here you will find the current version of the file, checked by antivirus. Put xpcom.dll in one of the folders in the Windows directory which is usually located on drive C. To see which folder you need, go to control Panel->System and then see the bitness of your copy of Windows in the “System Type”. For x86 Windows find the System32 folder, but for 64 bit – SysWOW64. When xpcom.dll will be in its rightful place, register it. This method is good because all your bookmarks and settings will remain intact.

If it does not work, try to download the latest version of Firefox and when installing click the “Update” or “Upgrade”. Still see the error message? Then you have to uninstall or reinstall the browser. In this case, all bookmarks, addons and settings will be lost, but the performance of the program will probably be restored.

Download xpcom.dll

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