Despite the fact that the game Stalker was out a long time ago, dedicated fans of the project continue to play the domestic masterpiece. The game uses the library xrsound.dll to work with sound. This file often causes errors. Message POPs up: “missing xrsound.dll, reinstall the program”. Surely you have already tried to reinstall Stalker, but the error remained. Licensed version of the game sometimes gives an error when you try to run it without the disc. Repacks from torrents can be installed without the required libraries, or with fully changed xrsound.dll that the system will refuse to interact with it. Reinstallation of the hacked Stalker is useless, find another version. Also worth to look if xrsound.dll is in the trash or in quarantine. If it is there then restore it and add it in exceptions. Often unlicensed games cause dissatisfaction of antivirus so that after installation they have to be brought in trusted programs. Of course, it should be done only in the case if you got the game from a trusted source.

Two basic ways to solve problem:

  • Reinstall the game
  • Download xrsound.dll

You have the official version of the game Stalker? Then reinstalling the app will help. It is likely that during the installation some files were downloaded with error or damaged. In this case reinstalling will solve the issue.

If the problem continues to bother you, you have to download the file for Stalker and manually integrate it in Windows. The library should be put in one of the folders in the Windows directory, depending on the type of system. Windows x86 stores the dll in System32 folder, while the 64 bit system uses for this purpose the folder SysWOW64. You can free download Xrsound.dll for the game Stalker from here. When it is in the proper folder, perform the registration procedure. Now nothing will prevent you to plunge into the wonderful world of Stalker.

Download xrsound.dll

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